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About Talentmarker
Recruit & Retain Best Talent

Agile Hiring Solutions
Hire the Mindset not the Person.

Talentmarker help Recruiters identify,select,nurture and retain right talent within right time-frame, cutting the crap

TalentMarker is a suite of talent management solutions which include ATS(Application Tracking System), Skills Assessment System and HCM(Human Capital Management). We empower Talent Managers with right solutions so they can acquire & retain the best talent. Employees are the biggest asset of any organization, at the same time they may become biggest liability if they are misfit with job role. At Talent-marker, we measure talent of potential employees by candidate profiling solutions so each time our clients get the right resource.We are on the mission to map right talent with right career.

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Benefits of On-boarding TalentMarker for Recruitment



Reduction in Attrition Rate



Improved Performance with reduction in wrong hire



Reduction in Time & Cost

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We are a Team of Engineers focused on making recruitment,assessment and retaining of talent easier for companies.

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